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Are you looking for wasp control services near you in British Columbia, Canada? Look no further! Wasp control is an important part of any homeowner’s pest management plan, as these stinging insects can become a nuisance quickly. Exopest Canada provides you best Wasp Control Services in BC, Canada Lower Mainland Coquitlam, Pitt Meadows,  Ladner,   Mission, Chilliwack,  Richmond, Aldergrove, Langley, Maple Ridge, Surrey,  Delta,  Abbotsford,  Vancouver, Tsawwassen, Port Coquitlam, Port Moody, Burnaby

How can I get rid of wasps on my property?

If you find yourself dealing with a wasp problem on your property, it is important to act quickly to avoid potential health risks. There are a few steps you can take to get rid of wasps on your property.

The first step is to identify the wasp’s nesting site. Wasps usually make their nests in sheltered places such as under the eaves of buildings, in cracks in walls or crevices, or inside tree branches. If possible, remove any food sources such as garbage cans and pet food dishes that might be attracting the wasps.

Once you have identified the wasps’ nesting site, you will want to take measures to ensure that they do not return. To do this, you can use an insecticide that is labeled for wasp control. Insecticides are available in aerosol and powder forms, both of which work to kill the wasps. When using insecticides, it is important to read and follow the directions on the label carefully.

If you want to take a more natural approach, there are several home remedies you can use. One method is to mix equal parts vinegar and water in a spray bottle and then spray the nest from a safe distance. This will disrupt the wasps and make them leave their nest. You can also use peppermint oil or garlic to repel wasps from your property.

Lastly, if the wasp problem persists, you may want to contact a professional pest control company. At Exopest Canada, we specialize in providing comprehensive wasp control services in BC. Our team of experts can identify the source of the infestation and recommend the best course of action to effectively get rid of the wasps on your property. Contact us today at 604-760-1542 to learn more about how we can help.

Knowing the Appearance of wasps and yellow jackets for Wasp Control

In North America Wasps or yellow-jacket is the same name for predatory wasps. All the members belongs to this genera are known as “wasps”. Yellow jackets have yellow and black mask bodies about 10mm to 16mm in length and their wings are as long as their bodies and may fold, when at rest. Wasps have thin waist and might be in greenish yellow and black colour. They live alone and don’t have colonies while yellow jackets have colonies.

Damage Severity

There are two types of yellow jackets: aggressive defenders and passive defenders. They are very quick to defend their colonies, and they are not very quick to sting, while their sting is very painful. Each bug delivers multiple stings at a time, and each sting is very painful. In fact, they are capable of repeatedly stinging their victims and after more than one sting, the victim has a severe allergic reaction.

How Exposet can help you with Yellow Jackets Control and Wasp Control?

Wasps and yellow jackets are predators of damaging insects. Treatment program should only begin with a proper inspection by wasp control professionals. Usually yellow jackets build their nests which are below ground, our inspection team will find out that nests eliminate it with the more effective control products. Exopest professionals use insecticides and latest products approved from Health Canada. Once nest is located and inactive, the rest can be removed and destroyed easily.

  • Exopest uses an advanced and integrated approach with the variety of efficient methods to control wasps as soon as possible. Our team program includes:
  • Inspection – in which our team determine which thing is necessary and needed to provide an effective wasp control plan.
  • Documentation – in this step our team complete its overall inspection and scheduled the services.
  • Education – this step deals with the behaviour examination, diet and including habitat of wasps.
  • Selection of control methods – such as traps, light modification, mechanical and insecticidal controls, physical removal.
  • Cultural control.
  • Sanitation – which means keep the area clean.
  • Emergency services available anytime, if needed

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