Fleas Control Service

Fleas Control Services: How to Get Rid of Fleas for Good

When it comes to Fleas control in BC, Canada, it’s important to know your options for getting rid of these pesky pests for good. Fleas in the home or anywhere else can be easily treated and effectively eradicated without the use of poisons and harmful sprays. The age-old fleas, usually associated with pets like dogs or cats, can affect any home. In those cases, Fleas Control chemical-based flea treatments can be more effective and we use only those pesticides and Growth Regulators (That control the growth of Fleas )that are approved by Health Canada.

What do fleas look like?

Fleas are tiny, brownish-black insects that measure just 2 to 8 mm long. They have three pairs of legs which they use to jump several inches in height and length. Fleas have a flat body shape, allowing them to easily move through the fur of their hosts. Their mouthparts are adapted for piercing skin and sucking blood.

Fleas are most commonly found in the fur of cats and dogs, but they can also be found in carpets, furniture, bedding, and other fabrics in your home. Fleas are especially common in areas with higher humidity, such as Coquitlam, Ladner, Mission, Chilliwack, Richmond, Aldergrove, Langley, Surrey, Delta, Abbotsford, Vancouver, Tsawwassen, Burnaby, Pitt Meadows, Maple Ridge, Port Coquitlam, and Port Moody.

Where do fleas live?

Fleas are incredibly resilient and hardy insects. They can survive in a variety of climates and conditions, making them a pest that is difficult to rid from the home. Fleas typically live in carpets, furniture, pet bedding, and other areas where animals may be found. Outdoors, fleas are found in gardens, lawns, and kennels. They thrive in warm, humid climates and can often be found in large numbers in areas with stagnant water or moist soil. Fleas are also known to live on other animals such as cats, dogs, rodents, and wild animals. It is important to note that fleas do not only inhabit the homes of pet owners, but also the homes of people who don’t have any pets. Fleas can hitchhike on clothes, shoes, or even people in order to find their way into homes. This is why it is important to stay vigilant and take measures to ensure your home remains flea-free.

Are fleas dangerous?

Fleas can be more than just an annoyance; they can cause serious health risks if not addressed properly. Fleas are known to carry diseases such as flea-borne typhus and bubonic plague, both of which can be deadly if left untreated. Fleas can also cause allergic reactions in people, animals, and even some insects, making them potentially dangerous. Additionally, fleas can cause skin irritation and anemia in animals and humans, so it’s important to take steps to control the flea population. To ensure the safety of your family, it is important to take preventive measures against fleas in order to keep them from becoming a problem in the first place. Call Us at 6047601542 to solve the problem.

Some Facts about Flea Bites & the Fleas Control

Exopest fleas control house treatment is very effective and If the fleas come back, just contact our experts and we ensure you complete removal of fleas.

Flea bites on people cause distress as your pets suffer much more.  You often notice that your dog or cat scratches frantically and trying to bite the fleas in their fur.

  • A flea bite is not painful, but you will be aware of it as soon as you have been bitten.
  • You may feel some itchiness around the bite, which could become uncomfortable but it is depending on your sensitivity.
  • A flea bite looks like a spot, which is small in size.
  • Flea bites appear as tiny red spots on the skin.
  • It is difficult to identify fleabites just by looking at your bites. You should consider other different factors, which help you to identify your problem.

Our Exopest technicians know exactly what to do and when to do with their fleas control natural treatment using fleas control products. Our experts understand the habits of different fleas and can offer you the most appropriate and effective solution for fleas control in houses and offices. It goes without saying and hesitation that all our fleas control and pest control treatments are safe for your family and pets.

How Exopest can help you to get Get Rid of Fleas and Fleas Control

Most of the time Pets can cause fleas and pets can pick up fleas from other animals or different places and give them a ride home. That’s a fact, once they arrive, you’ll want to get rid of them fast and for that purpose, Exopest plays an important role. Call us any time regarding fleas control.

Call Exopest, The Pest Control Professionals 604-760-1542 and we’ll arrange an appointment so that you can get rid of fleas from your home.