Fire Ants control in British Columbia

Do you know about the red coloured insects ?Fire Ants Control

Yes! They are fire ants. They sting and deliver harmful substance which is called venom, into your skin. Fire ants are very harmful insect and mostly bodies of fire ants, like the bodies of all typical insects.

They are divided into three sections

  1. The head,
  2. The thorax,
  3. Abdomen, with three pairs of legs and a pair of antennae.

A typical fire ant produces large mounds in open and wide areas, and they feeds mostly on young seeds and plants. Often fire ants attack small animals and may kill them.

How to identify Fire Ants?

Fire ants can be identified by their dull red body coloration. In sunny areas fire ants often build visible soil mounds. Fire ants also avoid darkness, and more likely to appear in open lawns and fields.

Damage severity

Fire ants are a serious as well as harmful pest because they have potential to cause major impacts on Social, Environmental, and Economical aspects.

How to Control Fire Ants ?

There are three ways to control them, Baits, Mound treatments, and as well Health Canada approved insecticide treatments.

Exopest is very good in all these fire ants control and pest control services. When used properly Baits usually gives around 80% control. Individual mound treatments or broadcast Health Canada approved insecticide treatments is used for the rest of ants in combination with baits and you can keep your lawn nearly free of fire ants.

Prevention of Fire Ants

But you can’t think that they don’t come back? Sure they will. Fire ants are very persistent and golden key to long-term fire ant control is to be as persistent as the fire ants. Exopest team check the every corner of your colony and if you treat preventively, you can keep new colonies from surviving to become big mounds.

How can Exopest help in Fire Ants Control ?

Don’t let fire ants take over your home, call Exopest because you need more than an exterminator as you need an expert with something extra. You need Exopest. The professionals at Exopest are highly trained to identify your specific threats and risk areas. After a comprehensive inspection of your home or colony , we’ll customise a fire ant control plan that effectively targets your ants where they live and breed. Our unique plan strategically reinforces your ultimate protection all year long – inside and out.

If you are wondering what kind of ant you have in your area or home?

At Exopest, we customize our programs and plans to fit your needs. We work very hard to understand by listening to you and your needs carefully. We respect our clients and will be happy to provide you free consultation so that you can learn about our wide range of services and get what you need from one most convenient source that is Exopest.

The Advantage Over Fire Ants Control.

Fire ants control from Exopest can help you not only with the present problem but also help you to prevent unwanted ants presence later. We have leading technologies, many years of fire ant control experience and extensive training in all areas of ant control. Your one click can help and solve it all.

For your immediate free fire ant control estimate, call us at 604-760-1542 or fill out the form now. Exopest associate will call you to provide your Free Pest Control Estimate as soon as possible.