Raccoon Control by Exopest

Identification and Information about Raccoon

Their Latin name is Procyon lotor and by appearance Procyon lotor is commonly known as the raccoon. Raccoon’s size is approximately 61 to 91 cm and they have a ringed tail including black mask skin. RaccoonsRaccoon Control resembles cats. They are a perfect example of omnivores and eat everything  like plants , insects and dead animals.

In early summer and in the months of spring their diet consists of insects, frogs, fish and crayfish. They are usually known to roll back sod in search of grubs and earthworms. In late summer and fall season, raccoons move to the garden food which is grains, nuts, berries, sweet corn and fruits. Observable signs of raccoon are damaged lawns and raided cans.

They also consume bird eggs and chicken. Common food source of Raccoons is waste by humans. So Raccoon Control Products have to be designed carefully.

Raccoon Infestation Signs to Control Raccoon

Raccoons are their own particular signs. They can damage the feeding items, like overturned trash cans or garden items, like melons or corn. They can be harmful and the cause of structural damage they may cause damage attics specially. Raccoon Control services in Vancouver is the Exopest Pest Control Specialty.

How to Trap a Raccoon ?

Raccoon control can be possible by trapping to prevent them entering in house. The most helpful and important tip for trapping is let your pest management professional to do the trapping.

Prevention from Racoons and Raccoon Control

Below tips comes in handy for your best raccoon control methods or Raccoon Control at Home.

  • Seal different part of your home where raccoons may gain access.
  • Inspection is necessary for raccoon control, you should also seal the large gaps, crawl spaces, doors, areas under the eave, chimneys, areas under decks and finally garage door openings.
  • Repair potential entry points.
  • Cut your trees back 6’ to 8’ away from your home to prevent access to the roof.
  • Reduce food sources.
  • Keep trash cans clean and clear.

Inspection for a good Raccoon Control

Exopest’s special and important component of a prevention program is inspection. Our professional team  member come to your place and determine what is required. Exopest’s Professional team prescribes repellent compounds which are used for the raccoon control methods and raccoon control products. So consult our pest management before using your own repellents because some are effective and some are not.

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