Ants Problem Solved

We had a major ant infestation on our large waterfront property, many types of ants outside on patios and driveway. Kashif attended the site for the 4 visits which resolved 95% of the ants problem issue and he continued to come back to ensure that I was completely satisfied, which I am. He is a very thorough technician and very helpful. We had a rat issue and at no additional cost provided us with a bait trap which has also solved that problem. he has also worked for a neighbour with similar results. I highly recommend Exopest and Kashif
Wayne Dale

Mosquito problem gone

I called this company to help me with my mosquito problem at home (flies and mosquitoes!). They were on time, very professional, and the service is great. highly recommended.

Great service!

Thanks so much to Kasheef and the whole Exopest team. They helped me get rid of the ants and flies in my house. Thanks again! Great job! Looking forward to doing business with you again.
Roman D.

Wasp Removal

They helped me with the wasp removal, it was so high and only a strong man would have done it. and Exopest have dont it …. I recommend them.

Outstanding Service Delivery and Quaity

They reached on time, and The quality of work the performed was beautiful.
Sharon Lee

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