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Pigeon Control
“Dove in São Paulo 1” by DavidStarIsrael7 – Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0 via Commons

Dove is a beautiful stocky bird. It has short legs, a small head, and a beautiful cooing voice. Seeds and fruits are dove’s food.   Pigeons are delicate birds. Generally, doves are smaller in size and more delicate than pigeons.

Identification of Pigeon and Dove

Dove comes from the family Columbidae. This family also includes pigeons. Sometimes, it is difficult to make a comparison between the dove and pigeon. That’s why used interchangeably. Biologically, there are no differences between doves and pigeons. Commonly, small birds are doves and larger ones are considered pigeons.

Dove pair is for life as it is a beautiful couple and it lay 1 to 3 eggs and takes 19 days to hatch. Both loving parents incubate their eggs, male dove in the morning till afternoon, so as a female dove in the afternoon to mid-morning the next day. Dove feeds them a milky liquid.

Damage / Severity

Dove or Pigeon presence may cause harmful effects such as their droppings – feathers, and other waste materials like the fence, moreover their nests demean the worth of property. Their feces or other waste material can cause complications on health too. Pigeons and Doves carry a lot of bacteria and it supposed to be lethal. It is very important and necessary to adopt the best pest control company like Exopest after realizing its pros and cons and the Pigeon Control Products. Surely at Exopest, we have the most humane techniques for pigeon control and dove control.

Exopest services work effectively in WoodPecker control and Pigeon Control.

Dove and pigeon feces contain a lot of pathogens which are the cause of illness. Our best services will control these bacteria and keep them away from you with the remarkable pigeon control techniques and latest pigeon and dove control products and equipment. Our team wears a full personal protection uniform when cleaning up your location. Uniform includes Long sleeve shirt, Eye protection, Long pants, Waterproof gloves, Waterproof shoes, Filter mask

As woodpeckers are protected in British Columbia Canada and they cause thousands of dollars of damage every year. The northern flicker woodpecker is not endangered, but it is protected under two wildlife protection laws: the B.C. Wildlife Act and the federal Migratory Birds Act

Prevention Techniques after Dove Control and Pigeon Control

Exopest is very cautious for your health and will provide you best and long-lasting facilities regarding Pigeon and dove control. Exopest deals with the latest methods of Pigeon Control and dove control and informs you to keep your children away from the bird debris accumulated area.

Our pest management professional will definitely provide you a comprehensive inspection that is based on the findings of infestation. We believe in the best that is why we prepare an efficient plan which works actively for you and helps you in reducing and eliminating your problems related to Bird Control, talking more specifically dove control and Pigeon Control.

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