Extremely happy with my exopest service!

I would highly recommend this company!. Not only did they give me the best price, but they really went the extra mile.

I had rats problem at my place and I needed someone to board up an area of my shed in order to stop the rats from getting inside. It required quite a bit of construction, but was necessary in order to permanently solve the pest problem. Exopest does not usually do this type of construction, but when they saw the property and the state of stress I was in they agreed to do the whole thing and secure the property so it would be rat free even if they needed to bring in an extra guy.

I didn’t have to go searching for another contractor, they took care of all of it and did a great job all in one day and for an excellent price.

Now my property is secure, the shed is sanitized and clean, the traps caught the rats and we kept bait stations around the property for while to ensure they didn’t come back. We are now rat free! and rats problem is gone. When one of my tenants got bed bugs about a month later…I knew exactly who to call.

I give these guys 10 out of 10