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Question: What are the expenses of your services?

Exopest always believe in the best and our main goal is to give our customer a customized and well organised plan. We give you 100% surety and guarantee that our pest control services will satisfy you. Our inspection team will inspect your home or place and surroundings and will discuss pricing. Call your nearest branch, we will discuss the details.

Pest Control FAQ: I noticed that past weekend, my yard had almost thousands of ants which are dark in color and white wings appearing out from the ground and flying away. Any answers regarding that insects or any services and products you could recommend? It would be great help for us.

I think, these are termites because it swarm in the spring. Please kindly call our help line, we have best termite control services. We will send our technician who will help you to control them.

Pest Control FAQ: I have seen a lot of insects crawling on my mattress, please help us how to get rid of it?

Pest Control FAQ
Termite Control

It look like bed bugs problem. You should vacuum your mattress as well look carefully at the seem, the headboard, folds, foot board. If you still suffering with the same problem, call us immediately we have instant pest control services.

Pest Control FAQ: I sprayed last week for fleas control but now they are back and even more in strength. I am worried why didn’t my home remedies and the spray work?

Every remedy needs a professional hand. In fact sprays contain growth inhibitors and insecticides as it is difficult to penetrate the pupae cocoon. It will definitely require follow up application when the flea larva have entered a cocoon state. This process is of 3 or 4 weeks.At Exopest we also use some growth regulator that helps to control further growth.

Pest Control FAQ:  I have an ant problem which appear inside and outside of my home and it looks two different kind of ants as inside the house they are really small ants but outside the house they are large in size .Could you please help us to get rid of them I am so worried that it look my home is under attack?

This is a common problem now a days in the summer so you don’t need to panic or worried. We are here to help you call us at 604-760-1542 and for more information you can visit of  ants services section and hopefully you will get all the answer.

If you want to know more about Exopest’s Pest Control Services or want to ask some Pest Control Questions or Pest Control FAQ, feel free to call at 604-760-1542.

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