Failed Raccoon Control! How a dead raccoon got a sidewalk memorial and a social media hashtag #DeadRaccoonTO

A dead raccoon named as Conrad on Twitter may be gone, but certainly, the Raccoon won’t be forgotten, according to one tweet by  @jasonwagar. The animal was left on a Toronto sidewalk for 14 hours before Toronto’s animal services unit was pressed to take it away.

#DeadRaccoonTO was the Twitter hashtag used by residents of Toronto for this Memorial of Raccoon.

Jason Wagar saw this poor Raccoon and tweeted to @311Toronto

The 311Toronto replied promptly, that animal services had been contacted and the raccoon would be taken off shortly. However, nobody showed up till the nightfall. So a memorial began to take shape. Around noon the raccoon was still there. And someone put a note next to it. Instagram came in too with Raccoon update: he’s still here. Someone has written him a card.

Raccoon update: he’s still here. Someone has written him a card. A photo posted by Emily Taylor (@emilyjs5) on

and then the hashtag #DeadRaccoonTO followed the Raccoon remains

Raccoon update: he’s still here. People have set up a memorial, some leaving farewell messages.

A photo posted by Emily Taylor (@emilyjs5) on

A flower was then placed next to the deceased raccoon, the beginnings of a memorial of sorts. Raccoon Control Around 11 p.m., a worker from Toronto Animal Services arrived on the sidewalk. and By that time, the #DeadRacoonTO story was also being captured and tweeted by a freelance journalist.

Well, The Point is this Raccoon doesn’t have to lay like this on the street. Ideally, it should be taken to the nearest natural habitat to live there without creating a buzz in social media. Raccoon Control is a tricky thing.

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