Sliver fish is not a actual fish it’s a wing less insect that is silver in the colour and size of a Carpenter ant.

Silver fish are capable of eating anything like shampoo, soap, paper, cardboard tooth paste dead insects.

Silver FIsh run amazingly fast and usually Sliver like dump place and most of the time you will find them in the kitchen and bathroom areas or in the crawl spaces.

One Female Silverfish Lay almost15- 20 eggs per day and it hard to locate them as they would be hidden somewhere in the cracks or curves.

Silver Fish

How you can Prevent Silver Fish infestation

Keep your place clean and dry Specially your kitchen and bathroom areas.

Vacuum them properly around the crack and curves.

Do some cocking by the baseboard and close them properly.

Remove all the cardboard and peppers that are stack inside the living areas.

Why you need a Pest control Service Provider or an Exterminator

It’s hard to do Exterminate silverfish or Pest control with the regular over the counter pesticides as they do not have much residual, you need a chemical that has residual for at least a few weeks or months that whenever the come outside from the cracks and curves they contact to the chemical and get killed.

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