If you find ants in wintertime that means you have an ant’s colony inside the home somewhere inside the structure. As ants are cold-blooded and in winter when the temperature drops, they get dormant. If you are seeing ants in winter that means they are behaving like it spring due to the household heat. Another reason for having ants in the winter is due to a bad practice for pest control ants or Extermination ants.

Most of the people use regular sprays to kill ants inside the home and only kill whatever you see but they can’t get rid of the nest and that gives them a chance to distribute in small colonies and spread throughout the house.

How to control ants in winter inside the house

The best way to control ants is baiting and only the pest control company near you can provide you the commercial bait as you need a license to buy those baits. It all depends on the situations sometimes we do spray for ants and those commercial sprays have residual for 3 to 6 months and keep killing the insect on contact.

How to prevent ants coming inside the house.

Do not leave any food outside or dirty dishes on the counters in the kitchen.

Vacuum all the floors and pick up all the crumbs.

Keep your door and windows close or use mash on them during early summer.

Fill up all the crakes by the baseboards

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