Learn what to do and who to call for Pest Control in Surrey when you encountered with some pest problem or wildlife.

You should know who to call and when to call for example if you see pest on your property and you need to Pest Control in Surrey then you must call some Certified Pest Control company or a wildlife control company. If you see any Pest problem on city property, then you should call the city help line.

If you see any pest problem like rodent near food store, restaurant then you must call coastal health number for Pest Control in Surrey.

Common Pest Problem in Surrey.

As surrey is growing very rapidly, so We get lot of complaints about rodent problem like rat or mice problem. Rat and mice carry lot of virous, so it is particularly important when you see a rat or mouse at your property make sure you call a certified Pest Control Surrey Company for rodent control.

There are few signs if you have rodent at your property

  • droppings,
  • tracks (e.g., footprints),
  • runs or burrows, or
  • sounds.

During the summer or spring we do see ants inside the houses and building ,mostly we have regular house ants, also called pavement ants but some time we have carpenter ants .when ever you see ants  it is always recommended to call an Ants Exterminator Surrey or Pest Control Surrey company near you instead of dealing with the problem by your self .As Carpenter ants are harmful to the structure and not dealing with them properly will cause more damage to the structure.

There are few signs if you have ants.

  • You see an ant,
  • Saw dust,
  •  Continues sounds

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