Carpenter ants are one of the know species of ants, typically their color is black and the size is between .6to1.2cm. People sometimes mixed up carpenter ants with termite. Carpenter ants do not eat wood as food while termites eat wood as food. Usually, Carpenter Ants have the main nest outside of the home while they would have a satellite nest somewhere inside the house. Carpenter ants like moist areas or moist wood. People usually won’t notice if they have Carpenter ants in the early stage but as soon as time passes Carpenters Ants start chewing the wood to make a nest then you will see sawdust as during the process of building the nest, they will chew the wood and have a pile of sawdust.

Some common miss conception where people also mixed up Pavement ants with carpenter ants However, a major difference between carpenter and pavement ants is that carpenter ants are about five times the length of pavement ants and have a single node between their thorax and abdomen.

How do Carpenter ants get inside the house?

Carpenter Ants are mainly live outside the house however when they look for food and that draws them to the house so they enter inside the home through cracks, water pipelines, or from the trees that are touching the structure of the house and then they make a satellite nest in the moist area of the house .one more interesting fact about ants is that they hibernate during the winter and as soon as the temperature gets hot they will start working.

How to do Carpenter Ants Pest Control? Or how to get rid of carpenter ants?

It’s a tricky business to deal with Carpenter Ants, usually, the things that people have access domestically stuff do not work for carpenter ants so it means you need something more reliable Pest control a company that has commercial stuff and has the experience to deal with carpenter ants.DIY pest control doesn’t work at all with the carpenter ants. We at Exopest has extensive experience and has a very educated staff that is always willing to help you with your unwanted guest at home.

How we do the treatment for carpenter ants or Pest control for carpenter ants?

There are few kinds of treatment for Carpenter Anst that First is baiting we have a special kind of bait that is commercially available and only a Pest Control Professional or license holder can use it .let say if we see any trail of ants we can use bait and then ants take that bait to the nest and thus we killed the whole nest. Sometimes we have to drills the whole inside the structure and fumigate in that hole thus the whole nest will come out and this way we will kill the nest.