As an Exterminator we always hear customer Complaining about their cats that they are not doing their job and doing rodent control for them self. Cats play big part in rodent control but its all depend on that situation. As wild cat will hunt them for food, but domestic cats may cause the rodent problem at your home as a Rodent control Services provider have seen many cases where cat bought a rat or mouse at home and let it go inside the home and they hide some where and caused problem.

Why you need a Rodent control as soon as soon you find out that you have rodent inside the home?

Rodents carry a lot of virus like hantavirus etc. Rodents cause a lot of damage to your property as they will chew the wires and pipes. Lately we have heard customer complaining they have chew through their car wire and cause a lot of damage to the car.

In this pic, a customer tries to do rodent control by themselves by blocking holes with anything he found inside the home, but they chew through the water pipe and damage the property and it cost them a lot of many.

How a Pest control Professional or an exterminator will do the Rodent control

A pest control services provider carries an Extensive experience and knowledge in that field and carry all the gadget that will help him to control the rodent in an efficient way and fastest way. Like he would have access to some commercial Rodenticides and traps that are not available for a person over the counter.

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