How to Control Fire Ants

Fire ants are well-known for their venomous and painful sting. The name encompasses a large number of ant species in the Solenopsis genus. Solenopsis ants sting with an alkaloid venom called Solenopsin and are commonly referred to as “red ants” due to their light brown to red coloration. The Red Imported Fire Ant (RIFA), a […]

Bed Bugs problem in Langley, BC

Bed Bugs problem in Langley Bedbugs are small, oval, brownish insects that feed on animal or human blood. Adult bedbugs have flat bodies around an apple seed to the scale. Nevertheless, their bodies swell after feeding and are a reddish hue. Bedbugs don’t float, but they can crawl over floors, walls, and ceilings easily. Female […]

Wasps Nest Removal

 Do you have Wasps Problem? When several wasps are buzzing around you in your home or garden, you can be sure that a wasp nest is lurking somewhere. This is the source of many problems because wasps can be very aggressive and sting several times when their nest is threatened. The wasp is mostly active […]

Pest Control for Cockroaches

Cockroaches are the most disliked of all household pest issues. Pest control for roaches is an awfully hard and time-consuming job. if you happened to encounter this cockroach’s problem so just keep in mind there is no solution without chemicals. So, do not waste your money and time on home remedies and call a pest […]

Pest Control Surrey

Learn what to do and who to call for Pest Control in Surrey when you encountered with some pest problem or wildlife. You should know who to call and when to call for example if you see pest on your property and you need to Pest Control in Surrey then you must call some Certified […]