Carpenter ants

Carpenter ants are one of the know species of ants, typically their color is black and the size is between 6to12cm. People sometimes mixed up carpenter ants with termite. Carpenter ants do not eat wood as food while termites eat wood as food. Usually, Carpenter Ants have the main nest outside of the home while they would have a satellite nest somewhere inside the house. Carpenter ants like moist areas or moist wood. People usually won’t notice if they have Carpenter ants in the early stage but as soon as time passes Carpenters Ants start chewing the wood to make a nest then you will see sawdust as during the process of building the nest, they will chew the wood and have a pile of sawdust.

Some common miss conception where people also mixed up Pavement ants with carpenter ants However, a major difference between carpenter and pavement ants is that carpenter ants are about five times the length of pavement ants and have a single node between their thorax and abdomen.

How do Carpenter ants get inside the house?

Carpenter ants are mainly live outside the house however when they look for food and that draws them to the house so they enter inside the home through cracks, water pipelines, or from the trees that are touching the structure of the house and then they make a satellite nest in the moist area of the house .one more interesting fact about ants is that they hibernate during the winter and as soon as the temperature gets hot they will start working.

How to do Carpenter Ants Pest Control? Or how to get rid of carpenter ants?

It’s a tricky business to deal with carpenter ants, usually, the things that people have access domestically stuff do not work for carpenter ants so it means you need something more reliable Pest control a company that has commercial stuff and has the experience to deal with carpenter ants.DIY pest control doesn’t work at all with the carpenter ants. We at Exopest has extensive experience and has a very educated staff that is always willing to help you with your unwanted guest at home.

How we do the treatment for carpenter ants or Pest control for carpenter ants?

There are few kinds of treatment that First is baiting we have a special kind of bait that is commercially available and only a Pest Control Professional or license holder can use it .let say if we see any trail of ants we can use bait and then ants take that bait to the nest and thus we killed the whole nest. Sometimes we have to drills the whole inside the structure and fumigate in that hole thus the whole nest will come out and this way we will kill the nest.

Pest Control Surrey

Learn what to do and who to call for Pest Control in Surrey when you encountered with some pest problem or wildlife.

You should know who to call and when to call for example if you see a pest on your property and you need to Pest Control in Surrey then you must call some Certified Pest Control company or a wildlife control company. If you see any Pest problem on city property, then you should call the city helpline.

If you see any pest problem like rodents near the food store, the restaurant then you must call the coastal health number for Pest Control in Surrey.

Common Pest Problem in Surrey.

As surrey is growing very rapidly, so We get lot of complaints about rodent problem like rat or mice problem. Rat and mice carry lot of virous, so it is particularly important when you see a rat or mouse at your property make sure you call a certified Pest Control Surrey Company for rodent control.

There are few signs if you have rodent at your property

  • droppings,
  • tracks (e.g., footprints),
  • runs or burrows, or
  • sounds.

During the summer or spring, we do see ants inside the houses and building, mostly we have regular house ants, also called pavement ants but some time we have carpenter ants .when ever you see ants it is always recommended to call an Ants Exterminator Surrey or Pest Control Surrey company near you instead of dealing with the problem by your self. As Carpenter ants are harmful to the structure and not dealing with them properly will cause more damage to the structure.

There are few signs if you have ants.

  • You see an ant,
  • Sawdust,
  •  Continues sounds

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Pest Control For Cockroaches

Cockroaches are the most disliked of all household pest issues. Pest control for roaches is an awfully hard and time-consuming job. if you happened to encounter this cockroach’s problem so just keep in mind there is no solution without chemicals. So, do not waste your money and time on home remedies and call a pest control service provider to deal with cockroaches’ pest control.

Cockroaches are a health hazard especially for those people who have allergies. Cockroaches also spread amazingly fast as female carries the egg tray with her body and even you kill her still the egg will hatch. They can eat anything from soap to garbage and that is why always call pest control service professionals to deal with cockroaches’ control as soon as you encounter the pest control problem.

At Exopest our team has experienced Pest control professionals who helped a lot of customers from different ways of life from commercial pest control to residential pest control.

What you can expect from a Pest control professional when you call for help to a pest control company near you?

As Exterminator at Exopest, we deal with a lot of pest control problems every day. it is a very changeling and interesting job as every customer has a different pest control issue and those have different pest control solutions.

A pest control professional only can provide you service with those products that you do not have access to, or you cant buy it without a license and educate yourself about the pest problem you encountered with but he cannot get rid of your pest problem without your help.

For Example, your need a pest control mouse at your home, and you have called an exterminator, and he set up bait stations and blocked off the entry points, and advised you to keep the door close all the time and seal all your food into a plastic container. if you don’t do that and you left your door open while kids are playing in the driveway and you don’t take care of the food then it would be hard to get rid of your pest problem.

Misconceptions about pest control Service

Pest control is not rocket science as it two-way job and it is the duty of a pest control professional to educate customers and follow the integrated pest management approach. As some people think when they call an exterminator and expect he will get rid of their pest problem right away as it not possible in most cases. Controlling pests is always a process that can take up to a week to week sometime. It all depends on how soon you call an exterminator to deal with your pest problem. It is always a good idea to call an exterminator as soon as you encountered a pest problem.

At Exopest our team is always ready to help you and we are just a phone call away.

Why do We see ants in the wintertime?

If you find ants in wintertime that means you have an ant’s colony inside the home somewhere inside the structure. As ants are cold-blooded and in winter when the temperature drops, they get dormant. If you are seeing ants in winter that means they are behaving like it spring due to the household heat. Another reason for having ants in the winter is due to a bad practice for pest control ants or Extermination ants.

Most of the people use regular sprays to kill ants inside the home and only kill whatever you see but they can’t get rid of the nest and that gives them a chance to distribute in small colonies and spread throughout the house.

How to control ants in winter inside the house

The best way to control ants is baiting and only the pest control company near you can provide you the commercial bait as you need a license to buy those baits. It all depends on the situations sometimes we do spray for ants and those commercial sprays have residual for 3 to 6 months and keep killing the insect on contact.

How to prevent ants coming inside the house.

Do not leave any food outside or dirty dishes on the counters in the kitchen.

Vacuum all the floors and pick up all the crumbs.

Keep your door and windows close or use mash on them during early summer.

Fill up all the crakes by the baseboards

At Exopest we are all always a phone call away we would be happy to help you with your Pest Control for ants

Can you do Rodent control by yourself? Do not blame your cat for not doing your Rat control.

As an Exterminator we always hear customer Complaining about their cats that they are not doing their job and doing rodent control for them self. Cats play big part in rodent control but its all depend on that situation. As wild cat will hunt them for food, but domestic cats may cause the rodent problem at your home as a Rodent control Services provider have seen many cases where cat bought a rat or mouse at home and let it go inside the home and they hide some where and caused problem.

Why you need a Rodent control as soon as soon you find out that you have rodent inside the home?

Rodents carry a lot of virus like hantavirus etc. Rodents cause a lot of damage to your property as they will chew the wires and pipes. Lately we have heard customer complaining they have chew through their car wire and cause a lot of damage to the car.

In this pic, a customer tries to do rodent control by themselves by blocking holes with anything he found inside the home, but they chew through the water pipe and damage the property and it cost them a lot of many.

How a Pest control Professional or an exterminator will do the Rodent control

A pest control services provider carries an Extensive experience and knowledge in that field and carry all the gadget that will help him to control the rodent in an efficient way and fastest way. Like he would have access to some commercial Rodenticides and traps that are not available for a person over the counter.

At Exopest pest control we are always a phone call away and looking forward to helping you.

Why you can’t do Pest Control for Silverfish by yourself cause you don’t have a license to kill bugs.

Sliver fish is not a actual fish it’s a wing less insect that is silver in the colour and size of a Carpenter ant.

Silver fish are capable of eating anything like shampoo, soap, paper, cardboard tooth paste dead insects.

Silver FIsh run amazingly fast and usually Sliver like dump place and most of the time you will find them in the kitchen and bathroom areas or in the crawl spaces.

One Female Silverfish Lay almost15- 20 eggs per day and it hard to locate them as they would be hidden somewhere in the cracks or curves.

Silver Fish

How you can Prevent Silver Fish infestation

Keep your place clean and dry Specially your kitchen and bathroom areas.

Vacuum them properly around the crack and curves.

Do some cocking by the baseboard and close them properly.

Remove all the cardboard and peppers that are stack inside the living areas.

Why you need a Pest control Service Provider or an Exterminator

It’s hard to do Exterminate silverfish or Pest control with the regular over the counter pesticides as they do not have much residual, you need a chemical that has residual for at least a few weeks or months that whenever the come outside from the cracks and curves they contact to the chemical and get killed.

As a Pest control Langley, we are happy to help you with all kind of pest problem. we are just a phone call away.

Pest Control Preventions tips during winter for rat and mice pest control

As a Pest control Service provider here are few tips that are recommended Do not leave food over the counter, Especially Flour, grain, cereal, or any chewable item put into the plastic containers with the lid on. Do not leave any pet food into their dishes as pet food also attract rodents. Vacuum the floor properly. Keep all the door close all the time and remove the bird feeder away from the perimeter of the house. Keep you grass and trees trimmed and keep the perimeter of the building clear and do not stack up wood or any debris

How to find Best Pest Control Company

In case if you have any pest control Problem, always contact with a professional pest Control Company to access the situation as doing by your self some time cost you a lot of efforts and money as you will not have access to those baits and gadgets that only a Professional pest control service provider would have for pest control. We at Exopest Pest control believe that Rat and mice can still sneak inside the home during wintertime thought your garage door or from the pet door and make an infestation inside the home. If you have any questions call us, a Licensed Langley pest control service provider we will be happy to assist you.

How we can help you to deal with your Pest Problem?

 When it comes to pest control mouse its hard to control them with regular traps by yourself as these tiny creatures often outsmart traps. So, your best option is to call a Pest Exterminator or a Pest control Professional as they have right tools and product to deal complex situations.

Best Squirrel Control Services

Squirrel control is a tricky business to deal with. They are one of the kinds of rodent that we have to deal with them in British Columbia Canada on a daily basis. They like cozy and warm places during winter time and most of the time when people complain to us that they are hearing some noise in their ceiling or attic.

Then you need a pest control professional who can access the situation and inspect your attic space from inside and out to figure out what is the actual problem and either you need a rat pest control or squirrel control.

How you can get rid off your pest problems or prevent them becoming a problem.

Trim all the trees along side the buildings

Keep the bird feeder away from the property as much as possible as they will attract them.

Seal all the holes around the building and by the roof.

All rodent cause serious damage to the building and carry lot of viruses that may cause some diseases. it is a best idea always deal with them as soon as possible and Call a pest control professional or an exterminator to access the situation.

At Exopest pest control we are always at your service and ready to help you to deal with them.

We provide all kind of Pest control services, rat removal, mice removal, Raccoon removal, squirrel removal, Bed bug removal, Roches removal.

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A Dead Raccoon and a hashtag! Failed Raccoon Control

Failed Raccoon Control! How a dead raccoon got a sidewalk memorial and a social media hashtag #DeadRaccoonTO

A dead raccoon named as Conrad on Twitter may be gone, but certainly, the Raccoon won’t be forgotten, according to one tweet by  @jasonwagar. The animal was left on a Toronto sidewalk for 14 hours before Toronto’s animal services unit was pressed to take it away.

#DeadRaccoonTO was the Twitter hashtag used by residents of Toronto for this Memorial of Raccoon.

Jason Wagar saw this poor Raccoon and tweeted to @311Toronto

The 311Toronto replied promptly, that animal services had been contacted and the raccoon would be taken off shortly. However, nobody showed up till the nightfall. So a memorial began to take shape. Around noon the raccoon was still there. And someone put a note next to it. Instagram came in too with Raccoon update: he’s still here. Someone has written him a card.

Raccoon update: he’s still here. Someone has written him a card. A photo posted by Emily Taylor (@emilyjs5) on

and then the hashtag #DeadRaccoonTO followed the Raccoon remains

Raccoon update: he’s still here. People have set up a memorial, some leaving farewell messages.

A photo posted by Emily Taylor (@emilyjs5) on

A flower was then placed next to the deceased raccoon, the beginnings of a memorial of sorts. Raccoon Control Around 11 p.m., a worker from Toronto Animal Services arrived on the sidewalk. and By that time, the #DeadRacoonTO story was also being captured and tweeted by a freelance journalist.

Well, The Point is this Raccoon doesn’t have to lay like this on the street. Ideally, it should be taken to the nearest natural habitat to live there without creating a buzz in social media. Raccoon Control is a tricky thing.

At Exopest we use the most humane Raccoon control and Raccoon Removal methods 100% Pesticide Free

If you have a raccoon problem and you don’t want to be famous in social media,  you’ve just come to the right place. Call today! and Exopest will fix your problem with Raccoon Control Services.

At Exopest we take care of all of your pest control needs. Exopest deals with Rodent pest control, Bird proofing, Flying and Crawling Insects, Bed Bugs ControlCarpenter Ants, Pharaoh’s Ants and other more exotic pests.

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